6th Balkan Botanical Congress

The prominent international scientific gathering – 6th Balkan Botanical Congress – will take place in Rijeka (Croatia), September 14 .– 18. 2015. The Congress is organized by Natural History Museum in Rijeka, Croatian Botanical Society, Botanical Society of Slovenia and University of Rijeka. Further information will be available soon.




Since ancient times Balkan Peninsula has been famous for its botanical treasures. Several plant hunters studied its floristic diversity already in pre-Linaean times, but it took several centuries until the first monographs of Hayek (1924-1933) and Turrill (1929) estimated Balkans floristic richness to about 6500 species with about a quarter endemics. One of the first researchers of western Balkan floras, Josif Pančić, was born in 1814 in the vicinity of town Rijeka (Ugrini in Bribir) in Croatia. Although his early life was connected with Croatia, his main floristic and biological work was focused to Serbia, but also to some other parts of the Peninsula. Today, Balkan Peninsula is in focus of intense botanical exploration, but not only that, there are several research centres exploring the diverse spectrum of all botanical disciplines. Since 1997 we are regularly gathering at Balkan Botanical Congresses. The first one was held in Tessaloniki (1997), the second in Istanbul (2000), the third in Sarajevo (2003), the forth in Sofia (2006), the fifth in Belgrade (2006) and this year the sixth one, dedicated to 200th anniversary of Pančić’s birth, will be held in Rijeka.

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