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Predavanje ˝Eurasian forest-steppes: a global outlook from the Carpathian Basin˝ održat će nam dr. sc. László ERDŐS, u četvrtak 18. svibnja 2017. godine u 18.00 sati na Rooseveltovom trgu 6 u predavaonici BO1, PMF, Zagreb.


The Eurasian forest-steppe biome covers vast areas in a belt stretching from Eastern-Central Europe to the Pacific coast. Forest-steppes occupy different habitats from the sea level to altitudes as high as 2500 m., from sub-Mediterranean to ultracontinental regions. The biome has an exceptionally high biodiversity, and it also has a considerable economic and cultural significance. In addition, forest-steppes equestrate huge amounts of carbon. Despite their scientific and practical importance, forest-steppes are relatively under-studied, and belong to the most threatened biomes on Earth. Forest-steppes are composed of a mosaic of deciduous or coniferous woodlands and mesic or xeric grasslands. Although the definition of the forest-steppe seems quite obvious, the delineation of the zone involves arbitrary decicions, which are further complicated by the various subtypes, the fuzzy boundaries towards other ecosystems, and the high level of anthropogenic disturbances. The first aim of this presentation is to give the key elements of a correct definition of forest-steppes. Second, the lecture provides an introduction into the main forest-steppe features, including biodiversity patterns and tree-grass coexistence. Third, a tentative global overview of the main forest-steppe types will be given, considering all biogeographical regions where the biome can be found. Last but not least, some case studies will be shown from the Carpathian Basin.

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18/05/2017 - 19:00