Botanica Serbica

Botanica Serbica is an international peer reviewed journal published as the official journal of the Institute of Botany and 'Jevremovac' Botanical Garden of the University of Belgrade; it is the renamed continuation of the Bulletin of the Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden Belgrade . The journal is edited by an internationally recognized Editorial Board and is published both online and in print, twice per year.

Botanica Serbica publishes original research papers on all aspects of plant, fungal and microbial biology research including the disciplines of microbiology, mycology, lichenology, bryology, flora, vegetation, biogeography, systematics, taxonomy, plant biotechnology, plant cell biology, plant ecology, environmental plant biology, forestry, genomics, horticulture, limnology, metabolomics, molecular biology, proteomics, virology, plant conservation and protection, and wildlife and ecosystem management.

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