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Predavanje "Antibiotic resistant bacteria in loggerhead sea turtles as bio-indicators of pollution in Adriatic Sea " održati će nam Adriana Trotta u četvrtak 11. travnja 2019. godine u 18.00 sati na Rooseveltovom trgu 6 u predavaonici BO1, PMF, Zagreb.

Marine species harbor antibiotic resistent microbes and may serve as reservoir for antibiotic-resistance genetic determinants. Spreading of marine antibiotic resistance is an very important ecological problem and one of the indices for marine pollution. Marine turtles can be used as sentinel species for marine health indicators because their ecological and physiological characteristics. Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is a common inhabitant of the Adriatic Sea and increasing number of these animals are accidentally captured during trawling. Some of them unfortunatelly die and some others present external or internal wounds that request the use of antibiotics in their therapy. In the Sea Turtle Clinic of “University of Bari” we study the bacteria found on the turtle wounds and test their antibioitics resistance with phenotipical and genotypical methods. More information is needed on seaturtle microbiome and its resistome to ensure better and more efficient treatment of the animals and to address their role in antibiotic resistance spreading in the marine environment..

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Sunčica Bosak
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11/04/2019 - 19:00