7thCroatian Botanical Symposium

with international participation

12th to 14th September 2022

Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be written in English in a clear and concise way with objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. Abstract should be written as one paragraph, with Times New Roman font size 12, and should not exceed 250 words (without title, authors and their affiliations). Title should be written in capital letters (except Latin names of taxa and syntaxa). Only surname and initial of the first name of the authors, without academic titles, should be written. Numbers in the superscript indicate different affiliations of the co-authors. Please, underline the presenting author. Please indicate the preferred way of your presentation (oral or poster) on top of your abstract. Prior to sending please (re)name your abstract in the format “Abstract-Surname-Name-7HBS”.

 You can use this template for formatting your abstract

 Abstracts should be sent to hbod.botanic@gmail.com until 10th June 2022.

The deadline for abstract acceptance is 20th June 2022. The Scientific Committee is responsible for reviewing the abstracts. Scientific Committee can propose changes of the preferred way of presentation, which will be communicated with the authors. Accepted abstracts will be printed in the Book of Abstracts only if the registration fee is payed by presenting author until 15th July 2022. In case of payments after the aforementioned date, we cannot guarantee the inclusion in the Book.

Oral presentations

The participants will have 15 minutes for their presentations, followed by a five-minute discussion. All presentations must be provided to the Conference technical staff on USB memory stick at least 15 minutes before each session. The presentations should be prepared in Microsoft Power Point or in PDF format.

Poster presentations

The size of the poster should not exceed 90 × 120 cm (width × height).