Periodically, maximum once per year Croatian Botanical Society organizes expert excursions for its members, travelling to botanically interesting or poorly studied areas of Croatia. Three such excursions were organized so far, two into mountain areas (Mt. Svilaja and Mt. Strahinjščica) and one coastal excursion (Gulf of Nin). Only members can participate in the excursions, which are designed in a way to have at least one expert guide. The guides are usually local botanists or other researchers who are familiar with the natural characteristics of the area. The excursions are occasionally organized in the cooperation with other societies.

Mt. Papuk (2023.)

In May 2023 a two-day excursion to Nature Park Papuk was organized for the members, with fieldtrips to forest Jankovac, hill Lapjak and dry grasslands near the village Gornji Vrhovci. The members also visited House of the Pannonian Sea, Geo Info Centre and Krauthaker winery. Expert guidance was mostly provided by Marko Doboš from the Public Institution Nature Park Papuk, with participation and help from Ivica Samardžić and Marija Kovačević from the Public Institution for Managing Protected Areas of Požeško-slavonska County.

Mt. Svilaja (2018.)

Two-day educational expert botanical-ornithological excursionto Mt. Svilaja was organized at the end of June 2018, together with societies BIOM, Croatian Ecological Society and HUSEK. The excursion was guided by Dr Nenad Jasprica Dr Marija Pandža, Dr Milenko Milović and Ivan Budinski and extremely well visited.

On the road of orchids (2017.)

An expert fieldtrip to mountain-educational trail “Roads of orchids” on Mt. Strahinjščica was organized on the end of May 2017, guided by Ljiljana Borovečki-Voska. The route, interestingly designed to show the richness of orchids and other plants, evoked large interest among members.

Gulf of Nin (2016.)

Expert botanical-ornithological fieldtrip into the Gulf of Nin was organized at the beginning of May 2016 together with BIOM association. The participants had the chance to learn about interesting and rare flora of sandy beaches, cliffs, moist meadows and salt panes, as well as fauna of nesting and habituating birds. Expert guides were Dr Sandro Bogdanović, Vedran Šegota, Sven Kapelj and Ivan Budinski.