Croatian Botanical Society gathers numerous members with expertise in biology, forestry, agronomy and related sciences. The membership is acquired by paying the yearly membership fee.

Yearly membership fee is 8 for regular members (including doctoral students), 4 for undergraduate students, unemployed and retired persons and 27 for legal entities. The payment can be carried out through IBAN HR3823600001101630044. The fee is valid for the current year and expires on December 31st.

Members need to fill in and sign the Admission document to provide personal data, as well as give written consent for the collection of personal data in a separate document. These documents are obligatory according to Croatian law and can be provided personally, by mail or via e-mail

Members have access to lectures, workshops and botanical excursions organized by the Society. Also, members are welcome to coordinate professional projects on the behalf of the Society.

The membership can be regular or honorary. Who is eligible for membership, what is the difference between memberships and other useful info can be found in the Statute. For all requests, please contact us through the Contact form or e-mail


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Download Statute (in Croatian)

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